Blog #1: My Perfectly Imperfect Introduction- Mom, KiKi, teacher, florist, home decorator, fashion lover, friend and breast cancer survivor

I wear many hats in life.... I am a wife, mom, KiKi, high school teacher, florist, amateur home decorator, fashion lover, friend and a recent cancer survivor.   I feel my niche in life is to do all of the above....not perfectly....but imperfectly perfect.   I definitely do not do all the things at once,  but I focus on little parts of my makeup when I feel the need.   Some days I'm creative.  Other days I just need my friends.   All days I am a wife, mom and KiKi.   
 I am strong to a fault-on the outside.   I am also strong enough to admit I can feel weak on the the inside.  

I know it is cliche but I have been married to the love of my life for 31 years.  He is my biggest supporter.   The best dad to our boys.   He gets me and all my flaws. Together we have raised 3 boys.   The oldest is 29 and is married to a wonderful, spunky and beautiful young lady.   They made us  KiKi and Sparky(grandparents) about 6 weeks ago.   Our middle son is 25 and is engaged to a gorgeous, sweet and also spunky young lady.   Both of our older sons played college baseball, graduated and are on their own.   Our youngest son is 17 and a junior in high school.   He is athletic, bold and has a mind of his own..... I will talk of them often.

I have taught high school for 18 years, on and off.   I love the kids and the relationships we form.   I also owned and operated a florist and clothing store for 15 years.  Creating is my passion and relaxation.

In January 2022 our lives were rocked by my breast cancer diagnosis.   It felt like time stood still.   I was sad, shocked, scared and completely blind sided.   I took about 2 days to have a pity party and then I decided no matter what I would beat this and I would live life to the fullest.   My family and friends were the absolute best support I could every imagine.   I will write and speak of my journey in completely separate posts.   I am still recovering and having surgeries but I am currently Cancer Free!!

I have decided to write this blog to help others and share my stories.   I want others to know they are not alone no matter how crazy life gets.   I am busy and constantly going and doing things, however, I would not have it any other way.   

I will post links to things that have helped me and/or my family along the way.   These are just opinions and things that have worked for me.   Take them in the spirit they are given.